Solo, the nation’s favourite thirst crushing brand has today revealed a solution to one of its big problems.

Facing a gnarly set of pumping waves of backlash for venturing into the alcopop market, the brand has now confirmed how it plans to combat the issues around underage drinking.

Following the lead of a popular online website, Solo explained to The Advocate that they plan to stop minors from drinking their alcohol laced soft drink with a new pop up question.

The free pop up will be given out with every case of Hard Solo, and request that anyone opening the fridge at home wanting to get some Hard Solo will have to press a button saying they are over the age of 18.

The successful model has been rolled out by popular online websites, who say that nearly 100% of people under the age of 18 will say that they aren’t of age, and will leave the website – not returning until they reach a legal age.

Solo are now set to adopt the popular method of ensuring age-appropriate monitoring for their Hard Rated (nee Hard Solo), Solo Vapes and Solo Gambling.

A spokesperson for the company told us that given the name synergy between Hard Rated and certain online websites, the question was a no brainer.

“We believe this is the solution to our problems,” explained the spokesperson.

“Any kid mistaking Hard Rated for Solo, and any teenager wanting to drink a delicious alcopop will be stopped in their tracks by the new name, and the new pop up question.”

“Problem solved.”

More to come.


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