For the first time since the 2001 Goodwill Games, Brisbane City is the focus of global attention!

This follows the release of the new seven-part Netflix series ‘Boy Swallows Universe’ – a critically acclaimed TV adaption of the bestselling semi-autobiographical novel of the same name by Brisbane author Trent Dalton.

Set in the ’80s and unfolds in the semi-rural outskirts of working class Brissy, the show is packed with an all-star cast of Australia’s best actors, both veteran stars and soon-to-be stars.

The series follows Eli (Felix Cameron), an optimistic and chirpy young boy who has the gift of being able to reframe his family’s harsh reality of poverty and drugs as a magical and exciting journey.

The story has been praised for it’s authentic 1980s set design, props and cars – which take viewers back to the poincianas and datsuns of the Vietnamese and Polish enclaves of the now famous Western Brisbane suburb of Darra.

However, for Darra residents, Mr and Mrs Nguyen (both 74), have just watched the entire series without realising it was set 40 years ago.

“Wait what?” says Mr Nguyen.

“They mentioned that Mike Ahern was the Queensland Premier in the final episode”

“That’s like eight Premiers ago”

While the greater Brisbane has since blossomed into a megatropolis worthy of hosting the 2032 Olympics games, it seems that very little has changed in the city’s multicultural blue collar fringes.

“I’m pretty sure the old prosthetic limb factory is still operational” says Mrs Nguyen.

“All three of our sons worked there”

“And it’s hard to tell it was set in the eighties because everyone is still driving those same old cars”

Mr Nguyen says he actually thought this story could’ve been about any number of the families on his street.

“As they say, Inala still the same. Well, so is Darra”

“I didn’t understand them all wearing Eels scarves. But now that I realise it’s set in the 1980s it all makes more sense. Brisbane still wasn’t in the comp back then and Parra had a few Queenslanders in that team”

“Either way, I’m glad someone has finally told our story, even if our story never changes!”


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