As half of Sydney sits in a 500km stretch of car park along the Pacific Highway, a local Dad is finding salvation in a frosty ice cream sandwich, it can be reported.

Getting on the road at 4am this morning, Parramatta man Brian Hindmarsh was hoping he’d escape the waves of holiday traffic heading out of Sydney, as he himself towed his caravan up to Port Macquarie for Summer.

However after being stuck in the middle lane behind an L Plater from the Mooney Mooney Bridge all the way to Hexham, it’s believed months of pent up stress at work were unleashed upon the idiot family teaching their 17-year-old son how to drive in peak holiday traffic.

After launching a tirade of abuse at the Mazda CX-7 dawdling along at 90kms an hour somewhere near Heatherbrae, it had taken Brian another 75kms of driving in complete silence before his blood pressure returned to normal.

Now standing on the hot tar outside the United Petroleum in Bulahdelah, Brian tucked into an original vanilla Maxibon in the stinking heat to cool his jets.

“Mhmmm…” he murmured, as drips of ice cream gathered around his chin and his family of young children watched on from the car, still traumatised by the range of new words they’d learnt on their fun family road trip.

“Tough morning, but we’re past the bad bit,” he grumbled to his wife Shelly, who herself started to unwrap the foil off a choc mint drumstick.

“With some luck we’ll get to Port Macquarie by lunch, as long as we don’t get stuck behind some other idiot pulling a caravan with a sedan.”

More to come.


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