A Christian rock god is flaunting a hot new look this morning, as he tears through a setlist of Hillsong approved power ballads.

Dressed in a crisp white singlet and dinner jacket combo, The Advocate understands local guitarist Noah Andrews is ripping out more solos than the amount of rips he is boasting in his bootcut Levi jeans.

Three songs into his set at this morning’s service at Betoota’s Hillsong Congregation in the Heights, Noah is believed to be power chording his way into the hearts and minds of the Lord, and his fellow worshippers.

Speaking to one female worshipper at the Sunday’s congregation, 24-year old Natalie Philips, it’s believed many in the Church are struggling to contain their arousal at the site of the small gathering of chest hair beginning to form below Noah’s Adams apple.

“Oooooh, look at Noah today,” swooned Natalie.

“I really feel like he’s being blessed by the Lord’s presence, praise be, praise be…”

Flaunting a perfect row of teeth you’d expect to see on the head boy of Betoota Hills Grammar school, Noah’s ability to fang spellbinding solos continues to draw favour within the new-age audience.

After finishing up his rendition of ‘Lead Me To The Cross’, Noah swapped over to an acoustic guitar as he continued to impress the crowd with his multi-talented string fingering, sending the Church into a proverbial frenzy.

Raising his guitar pick high in the air and closing his eyes deep in prayer, Noah announced it was time to slow things down a little and take a tender hearted moment with the Lord.

“This next one is for all the lovers out there, the lovers of Jesus…” whispered Noah, with a raspy boy band croon.

“If you’re ready to accept the Lord inside you, Hillsong lemme hear you?!”


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