The nation’s Opposition Leader has this week proven his commitment to tackling the real issues.

Peter Dutton has called on all Australians to boycott a giant price gouging supermarket over its decision to stop selling Chinese made novelty Australia Day products.

Woolworths caused a stir this week by revealing it had made the commercial decision to stop selling Australia Day themed merchandise.

Despite being a clear PR move to try and distract the nation from their rorting of farmers and customers alike, the decision has angered politicians who don’t want to do any actual work and prefer to latch onto any culture wars issue to score cheap points.

Dutton has lead the charge, demanding average Australians refuse to shop at Woolworths – like we don’t live in a supermarket duopoly.

Although Dutton attacking the free market decision by the private business to make its own private business decisions seems weirdly at odds with the Liberal Party’s, it’s believed the low hanging fruit that is Australia Day patriotism is simply too appealing.

“I don’t want to go into Woolworths and be told how I need to vote, how I feel about Australia Day… I think Australians should boycott Woolworths,” said Dutton when speaking on 2GB yesterday.

“I want to feel pride in my country by buying a disposable piece of shit plastic Australian flag that will end up in the bin tomorrow,” he said to The Advocate this morning.

Although many assumed the scrapping of cheap Chinese made novelty flags, aprons, and trinkets was simply a commercial decision to stop trying to sell single use plastic shit to consumers who clearly don’t buy it – Dutton is pretending to think that it’s an attempt at turning the nation into a bunch of woke lefties who hate Australia and vote Labor.

It’s unknown how many Australians will boycott Woolies – which weirdly might actually not be the worst thing if it means they save money at Aldi or support local green grocers and markets.

More to come.


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