A Betoota Heights family home has today played host to one of the most heartwarming stories of the year. 

The Wilson-Smith’s from our town’s aspirational double garage pebblecrete driveway district, has borne witness to one of the most sensational truces in recent history. 

After a rather large silly season filled with family events, two old foes have decided to lie down their arms and come together for a lovely lamb roast at Nan’s house. 

The foes in question are Sky News Uncle Mark Wilson-Smith and his anarchist niece Bethany Wilson-Smith. 

Famous for their rifts over just about everything under the sun, tensions have been flaring up, all thanks to the often publicised ‘age-old’ divide.

Sky News Uncle Mark is from the school of thought that thinks the majority of millennials are lazy, entitled, brash, have skins made of paper and jaws made of glass. 

He’s often found referencing how he paid 17% interest rates for his 5 bedroom home, without referencing how he paid 32 grand for it (aka less than two years worth of wages). 

Anarchist Niece Bethany is famous for saying red-hot comments about older men and their entitlement, as well as disrespecting many of the well known institutions that run the country and the world. 

She’s often found talking about things that the older generation find a bit shocking and then lighting the older generation up for being bigoted, as well as blaming Mark and his peers for ruining the climate. 

However, after a couple of showdown’s during the festive season, Aunty Sal has brokered a peace deal between the pair after managing to pull up the  the new Summer Lamb ad on Youtube.  

“Nan’s gone and roasted a massive leg of lamb for us all, and she just wants to see everyone happy, okay,” said Aunty Sal, looking firmly at the pair. 

“So none of your boomer bashing Brit, and none of your lazy millennial rants okay Mark.” 

The pair then shook hands and proceeded to follow their noses to the wafting smell of thyme, rosemary and garlic. 

More to come. #ad


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