Local man Keirney McInnery (36) has admitted ‘that was a close one’ after an ad for fast food restaurant Subway almost had him going for a second there.

First opening in Australia in 1988, there are over 1,220 Subway stores in Australia, over 200 more than Maccas which is impressive considering they mostly just sell sandwiches.

The sandwiches, or subs, in question come in a variety of long sweet breads with a contents of meat, cheese and salads depending on the customer’s personal taste, often prompting adults to question if they would ever choose to have tomato on a sandwich.

In advertisements from the Subway corporate office, actors who are pretending to enjoy the sandwiches appear smug towards their burger eating friends while running around in the sun, taking selfies on a pier and holding photogenic sandwiches in front of your face without dropping so much as a crumb.

While watching one of these adverts, McInnery inadvertently found himself thinking he hadn’t had a sub for quite a while and might just pick one up next time he catches a whiff of the iconic, and vaguely carcinogenic smell of a Subway store.

But as the logo and slightly sexual tagline flashed up on the screen, McInnery caught himself in the midst of his delusion and with a chuckle assured himself he wouldn’t actually eat one of those things.

“It nearly had me there, it nearly bloody did,” laughed McInnery who would now eat a banh mi, wrap or even a mousetrap instead of one of those 11.5 inch sticks of gluttony.

“Yeah! That’s the thing, they’re not even a footlong! I know because I was eating one in the car the day I bought a new tape measure!”


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