While most have statistically given up on their New Year’s resolutions by now, local golf enthusiast Mark Grandhope has gotten his off to a cracking start.

Traditionally, New Year’s resolutions are a way to form healthy habits on the clean slate of January and a way to feel regret and disappointment come the resinous fumes of December.

At the end of last year, Grandhope found himself feeling foolish after remembering he had promised to ditch nicotine while staring down the business end of a Cointreau flavoured vape. 

In stark contrast to last year’s shortcomings, Grandhope has gotten this year’s resolution off to a cracker by making this year’s challenge golf based meaning any time he spends on the green is time he spends improving himself.

“Check it out, day one, just 175cms off a hole in one,” stated Grandhope, showing us a special folder of pictures on his phone.

“Day two, 155cms. At this rate, I’m hitting that hole in one on session nine. Already teed up game nine with my dad, boss and childhood rival. If I get it then I am taking the rest of the year off.”


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