A Betoota dad is unaware he is laying down some quality material today as he tells the most dad story ever, completely unaware it will be used for impression practice later on.

Betoota Heights father of two Frank Gordo is never short of a yarn, which he delivers with a voice gravelled by cigarette smoke and punctuated with the jab of a finger.

Unbeknownst to Gordo, whenever he shares such a signature story with his de facto son in law James, he is fanning the traditional flame of impersonating one’s father in law, something he once found funny when the roles were reversed.

So it was that when Gordo told James a funny story about a classic car the young man had mentioned in passing six months ago, the young lad was ready to fulfil his part of the deal by using this new gear to sharpen his FIL impression skills.

“Yeah mate, I knew a guy from the volunteer firies who had a Valiant just like that once, no word of a lie,” James practised on the car ride home, imitating his father in law in a way that filled his girlfriend with both laughter and disgust. 

“Thing about these new cars is the engine. It’s all in the engine. Everything that makes a car go is in the engine apart from the wheels and fuel tank.”

“Nah seriously though, imitation is the sincerest form of flattery.”

When our reporting team asked Gordo if he did an impression of his son in law he did an incredibly offensive effeminate voice, complained about the price of things and made himself a green tea.


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