A Betoota mum is just going all out with the affection this week and has ordered a second round of hugs from her adult children after a goodbye hold up at the door.

As someone who raised her three kids with an attentive balance of love and boundaries, Mona Fin (57) still has a good relationship with her adult children, despite them needing the odd guilt push for a home visit from time to time.

After hosting them for a BBQ that was for no occasion at all, Fin managed to secure her children for a few hours with a few games of Uno and cups of tea, her shout.

However, as her son Marty and his partner Chloe got up and said their goodbyes, Fin suddenly remembered an important update she had to tell them which she quickly did as they stood by the front door for 40 minutes.

“I don’t know if you remembered what shop used to be in there but it looks like it’s going to be a continental deli of sorts now,” stated Fin, demonstrating her very different understanding of the term ‘important’.

“But Leanne from the club said it’s the same owners as the shoe shop, they just wanted to get into food because I’m not sure if you saw on the news but there’s going to be a shoe shortage this year.”

“Anyway, I’ll let you go now.”

And with that, Fin went in for a second round of goodbye hugs, apparently believing that her first round of goodbye hugs from 40 minutes ago now no longer counted.

“Oh she’s funny like that,” stated Marty Fin, who had politely been balancing on either heel as his mum spoke at him for close to an hour.

“I love my mum I really do. Even if thinking about how bad the traffic home is going to be or what shit I’m going to have to put up with at work tomorrow, she’ll still be there talking about something I already saw her share on Facebook which she’ll cap off with her traditional second helping of hugs. She’s kind of a big inspiration to me.”


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