Battle lines have been drawn in Betoota’s flight path district this week, as the suburb’s proud migrant heritage once again is challenged by the unwelcome arrival of a franchise business.

Local media have this week been covering “The Battle of The Bread Roll”, as a local Vietnamese bakehouses works to disrupt the opening of a newly opened Baker’s Delight franchise.

After a suspiciously short tender process, it’s understood Betoota council recently signed off on the newly unveiled franchise on Callinan Street, which acts as a gateway store into the new Betoota Westfield shopping centre.

Whilst locals are reportedly furious about the appearance of the mass market bakehouse, many are also quite enjoying the new $4 lunch specials that continue to pop up at the Vietnamese bakehouse across the road.

“Mate it’s awesome, it costs me more to walk to the joint!”, said local chippy and Banh mi connoisseur Josh Harper.

“Since that Bakers Delight opened, they’ve been doing $4 rolls or a $7 deal where you get two spring rolls and a can of Kirks, how good!”

Speaking to local Vietnamese bakehouse owner Danny Hoang (35), the 5-time winner of Betoota’s ‘Lunchtime Business of The Year’ award admitted his new lunch special was short priced for war.

“If some asshole from out of town think’s he can turn up with his microwaved bread rolls and overpriced finger buns and put us out of business, good luck!”

“I’ve been serving the high-vis community in Betoota for almost a decade, I know what they want. And if that prick that sells crappy apple custard cakes dares go me for price then I’ll drop my rolls down to $3.50 and customers will get a Vanilla slice too!”

“You watch, I’m gonna strangle these faux baking apron wearing assholes out of business before you can say “Cheeseymite scroll!”

More to come.


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