A local old fella has discovered he is as described today after being told a jersey design from his golden years is a trendy retro jersey.

A proud former Betoota Dolphin who played in the forwards during what he insists on calling the club’s halcyon days before a trial down in the Bush Capital, Rodney Preacher (48) has worn his old Raiders jersey to such a degree that people often ask him if he wants to be buried in it.

However, Preacher had his cage thoroughly rattled today when a local hipster complimented the codger on his ‘retro jersey’.

A relic from the glories 90s, Preacher somehow still refers to it as ‘the new jumper’.

Although somewhat stoked to receive a compliment from a stranger, Preacher was left quite rattled.

“Retro jersey? How is it retro? We had cameras at the grand final, I can show you the tape!” claimed an irate Preacher.

“Just cause it’s not one of those new fangled jerseys with their adverts, pissy collars and little monitors that track your speed and blood alcohol doesn’t mean it’s a relic from days gone by.”

“It still feels like bloody yesterday we won it. I mean, it was only….”


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