One of Australia’s most esteemed musical products has today achieved a milestone many thought was impossible.

Melbourne punk rockabilly band the Living End have confirmed they’ve made over 2 billion dollars in streaming royalties.

The astronomical number is reportedly a result of their song ‘White Noise’ being downloaded and played nearly 400 billion times.

While that may come as a surprise to many who didn’t think the Prisoner Of Society bad boys had that many fans, it’s believed the eye-watering amount of plays comes off the back of an ever stressed society searching for relaxation.

“A lot of people came for the White Noise, and stayed for the purple haired Chris Cheney,” said a spokesperson for Spotify.

“All over the world, The Living End have become some of the most listened to artists.”

The huge chunk of money made by the punk rockers catapults them to the top of the Australian musical rich list.

The trio have lapped the likes of Angus Young, Flea and Kylie Minogue some ten times, creating personal wealth that puts them on the edge of the esteemed billionaires club.

The Living End were unavailable to comment.

More to come.


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