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A Betoota Ponds bloke has found himself somehow managing to fuck up what could have been a long and prosperous relationship, by accidentally sharing a glimpse of his bizarre Youtube history.

It’s alleged Jamie Hughes had been just about to pop on a movie with his date Sarah, when he had the inexplicable male urge to show her a series of YouTube videos – that is, of course, after showing her his camera roll and explaining the funny back stories behind every photo he’s ever taken.

“Ohh oh my god, that reminds me, I HAVE to show you this”, he’d said excitedly, his memory tickled by a video of his mate attempting to do an ollie on his skateboard, “it’s sooo funny.”

Firing up the YouTube app on his smart TV, Jamie had no idea he was just about to nuke his nice guy image by showing an algorithm that was only marginally better than his Pornhub history.

“Oh”, he’d muttered, as his date stared in horror at his numerous videos of attractive, costumed women whispering into microphones, “ah shit, um.”

“Fucking hell I told my brother stop using my YouTube!”

“I have absolutely no interest in nazi medical documentaries!”

More to come.


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