In exciting news for a Sydney based bachelorette, a year long man-drought might break this week as a former Tamworth girl returns home to her regional metropolis for Christmas.

After suffering through a disastrous year of dating, Woollahra paralegal Karla Kernaghan (29) was ready to throw 2023 into a new years bonfire and look towards a more fruitful 2024.

Having spent the year bouncing between dud dates, Karla told The Advocate she was keen to leave the harbour city behind and get away from the swathes of boat shoe wearing fuckwits, and enjoy being in a position where she doesn’t have to apply makeup every time she goes down the street.

However, after posting a picture of the main street of Tamworth this evening, Karla said she was flooded with messages and story reacts from a variety of blokes she went to high school with.

“I drop thirst traps on my story all the time, but I only get sleezebags from work who give me a double tap” said Karla.

“But one snap of the main street of town and I’ve got 10+ messages to respond to, two of them are guys I hooked up with in High School.”

After spending the last year going on stale dates at corporate watering holes or indoor golf joints, Karla said she was open to letting her hair down and just seeing if she could snag herself a regional cowboy to hire for summer.

“I’ve had two Jaydens, three Nathans and a Jaxson in my DMs, but he is pretty hot these days.”

“Sure Jaxson Dunt has got a full sleeve, but he’s a ripped tradie and I’m bound to get bored this summer. If he offers to take me out to Lake Keepit on his Jetski as if I’d say no?”

“I might as well like a few of his old posts and see what good old Jax is up to for New Years.”

More to come.


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