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The majestic hinterland of Byron Bay is filled with stunning scenery, gorgeous villages, and an ultra-prestige housing market affordable only to a handful of exclusive and wealthy buyers from Sydney and Melbourne.

One such ultra-prestigious property is the obnoxiously over the top modern mansion found at 123 Bonjila Rd that sits on 18 hectares of pristine natural landscape.

While the estate itself is unequivocally stunning, the mansion is a monstrosity of ego-fuelled design that nastily protrudes out of the landscape as though it wanted to dominate and kill off any remaining natural world once and for all.

And it is precisely this sense of obnoxious entitlement within the design that lured some of the wealthiest and most disgusting human city pigs to the area to bid for ownership of the fuck-off eyesore that is listed for $22.4m.

During the auction, two shockingly wealthy scumbags entered into a game of bidding brinksmanship, where both hideously vied for ownership of the soulless mansion like a pack of rabid hyenas.

One of the greasy fuckers spat entitled words out of their filthy face hole like: “This is my fucking estate, it’s mine, it belongs to me, my only, my precious!!”

While the other guy began sucking Botox directly out of their spouse’s forehead and screamed, “No I want it, I deserve it, it’s mine, meee!”

The estate ended up selling for $48.42m, which is just fucking stupid.

It was an orgy of wealth-fuelled privilege where tasteless rich morons capitalised on another opportunity to flaunt their wealth and mistakenly relate that wealth to a sense of self-importance and intellect.

However, the Advocate can confirm that the successful bidder suited their new digs perfectly.

Like the bidder, the estate’s mansion is obnoxiously full of dull materials, regrettably tarted up with expensive finishes to hide the fact there’s no character inside.

After carefully considering the afternoon’s events within the context of the many social and political upheavals that the country is currently grappling with, the Advocate can report that both the obnoxious luxury Byron hinterland estate and the absolute shit stain of a new owner can go fuck themselves.


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