A culinary experiment is under way in a Betoota Heights kitchen today as a drunken cousin gets creative after Christmas lunch.

Having pumped seven Betoota Bitters, three glasses of passion pop and half a jug of Aunty Jill’s rum punch, Tyson Baker has the kind of noxious mix in his system that means he’s lost the function of all of his taste buds.

However whilst the rest of his family sulked away to sleep off the several kilos of meat and prawns they’ve just inhaled, Tyson decided he’d take the opportunity of an empty kitchen and a plethora of leftovers to see what kind of afternoon snack he can create.

Taking the last bread roll left on the kitchen bench, Tyson pulled a clean soup spoon from the cutlery drawer, and shovelled five heaped chunks of pavlova into the bread roll before giving it a decorative drizzle of Baileys liqueur.

Now standing by his sparkling new Sunbeam sandwich toaster, gifted to him from his Mum for Christmas, Tyson told our reporter he was keen to see how the flavours turned out.

“I reckon it’ll work ayeee” Tyson slurred, checking on his concoction as streams of melted egg whites began to drip onto the kitchen counter.

“I christened this new baby with a Nutella and Ferrero Rocher toastie for breakfast, I thought I better try a pav version for afternoon tea.”

“Here give us ya plate, I’ll cut you off a bit…”

More to come.


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