An exciting summer romance is expected to fizzle pretty quick this year as a local girl returns home to Betoota for Christmas.

After just finishing her year of Criminology Studies at Griffith Uni, Ella Wright (25) has reportedly been forced to spend the party season back in the Diamantina with her parents, thanks to her dwindling student bank account.

But after rolling into the Courthouse Hotel for a Christmas Eve bender with a bunch of her old school mates, rumours are swirling that Ella was lucky enough to spend the early hours of Christmas Eve pashing Angus Adams, the old sports captain from her high school.

Now only days before New Years Eve, Ella has admitted to The Advocate she’s deciding which townie house party she goes to based on where she’ll likely run into Angus.

“I think he’s going to be at his best mate Cal’s house party, they’ve got this mad spot by Betoota Lake where you can see the fireworks,” Ella told our reporter, as she stalked Angus’s profile on Instagram.

“He is kinda ripped, like not Gold Coast ripped, but good enough for Betoota so I may as well try and tie him down for New Years” said Ella.

With the silly season in full swing, and almost everyone who went to school in Betoota back for a summer break, Ella told our reporter she was under no illusion her Christmas Eve fling wouldn’t be hanging around into February.

“Nah it’s just a bit of a fun, Angus lives in North Melbourne now anyway, he’s turned into an arts college guy.”“I’m driving back to Brisbane around the 10th, I doubt he’ll even broach the subject of coming to visit me on the Gold Coast.”

“We’ve both got way better things to be doing in 2024 than rekindling an interstate high school romance.”


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