In a move that has left many scratching their heads, Solo, the iconic soft drink brand, has announced its pivot into the growing semi-illegal vape industry with the release of its very own line of Solo-branded vapes.

The surprising expansion, described by industry insiders as ‘a really good way at reaching the younger market,’ has left consumers and competitors alike wondering if there’s anything that the drink company won’t make.

“We at Solo have always been pioneers in the beverage world, with our classic TV ads and a taste enjoyed by all of Australia. We felt it was time to bring that same spirit of innovation to a completely new arena,” declared Solo’s spokesperson, Susie Rennault (45).

With much of the industry surprised by the pivot into such an underground market, others are saying this shouldn’t surprise anyone.

With the controversial release of their own alcoholic beverage, which is almost identical looking (and tasting) to their non-alcoholic can, and their own Solo-scented deodorant, the expansion in the vape market was seen as a logical next step by many.

“It’s a no brainer really, kids love the alcoholic drink we made, and kids love vapes these days, so why not get them hooked on our stuff when it comes to smoking also?”

“Oh when I say kids, I mean kids over 18 of course, haha” said Charlie Biddle (37), another spokesperson for the company.

With the launch earlier this year of Solo introducing its own gambling website that kids can access with their unique QR code found on each can, it seems like Solo have made their final move in dominating the big 3 addictions that plague this country.

While many have said the soft drink company shouldn’t be branching into adult markets that might get kids into crippling addictions, the company has stated that they totally don’t want to do that at all.

“No never! We definitely haven’t seen that young people are drinking and smoking less and want to play our part re-energizing the youth drinking problem!”


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