A man who hammers out emails for a living won’t shut up about the great outdoors today as he regales stories to his office colleagues about his adventurous weekend.

Aiden Gant (28), a Senior HR Advisor from Paddington, Sydney, was seen strutting into his Pitt Street glass tower today with a goofy swagger in his step, after spending the weekend ‘camping’ on the south coast to celebrate the 30th of a mate from his cricket team.

After taking Friday off to enjoy a two night stay at a Jervis Bay Caravan Park, Aiden has  returned to Sydney flaunting a heavy birkenstock tan and a spontaneous love for Luke Coombes.

Having never camped before, Aiden had hired a Juicy rental van for the weekend so he could join his team mates who regularly camp, and have kitted up Prados and Adventure Kings tents installed on their Rangers to prove it.

“It’s so good down there hey, so nice to switch off for the weekend,” Aiden said to a colleague as he shoved his phone into his desk buddy’s face and made them scroll through the 200 photos he’d taken of the sunset.

“Really made me think about throwing all this 9-5 crap in, kitting out a car and going to ‘cut a lap’.”

Despite still not knowing how to correctly hook on a camping trailer, or the fact he had struggled to turn the public campground BBQs on, Aiden has told colleagues he thinks he’s got what it takes to take on the Gibb River and the Canning Stock route.

“Yeah if they offered me redundancy I’d be taking it for sure, take a year or two off and do the whole coast,” Aiden dreamed on.

“My BMW X4 doesn’t have a tow bar though so I might have to try and trade it for a LandCruiser, they can’t be that expensive, I think you can find the old ones pretty cheap!”

More to come.


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