A mid-thirties friendship circle has mustered up what little enthusiasm they have left as the last couple to get engaged finally announces their big news.

One of those weird groups of a dozen odd schoolmates who managed to stay friends into adulthood, the friendship circle, known via their group chat name as La Familia, has been through a lot together including a total of eight weddings, 13 proposal announcements 20 bachelor and bachelorette parties and no less than 400 printed poems about wishing wells.

This wedding fatigue has meant that now that stragglers Mitch and Fiona have announced their engagement everyone else is just too weddinged out to put on much of a show.

“Proposing in Europe, that’s sick man, where’d you get that idea from?” joked one friend who privately does think he was the first person to propose in Europe. 

“Should we all just wear out suits from Pat’s wedding do you reckon?”

Mitch and Fiona have stated they expected much more of a fanfare for their engagement announcement as they did it for everyone else, even when Saz announced her engagement to the same dropkick for a second time.

“Yeah, sure, Mitch and I have been together 12 years, already have a house, business and kids together but a bit of excitement would have been nice,” stated Fiona, still a little miffed that her announcement post got less reacs than Chloe’s post about her DIY mud kitchen.

“I’ve been left on seen by the first three people I’ve asked to be my maid of honour. I know I always said I’d never get married but I might have stuck to it if I’d’ve known my mate’s wouldn’t give this much of a shit.”



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