A local Queenslander has woken up with with a husky voice this morning, after treating himself to a bottle from the shelf above the top shelf overnight.

34-year-old Mackay fishing charter operator, Mal Mogg, says after 12 years, he just couldn’t wait any longer to try the limited edition bottle of Darren Lockyer Bundy.

“I was saving it up for a special occasion” says Mogg.

“but every day is a special occasion when you live in Queensland”

“I know there were multiple occasion to crack this bad boy open during the eight-in-a-row State Of Origin streak… But I honestly thought it was going to last forever”

“And when you think about it, apart from those couple years where New South Wales started winning because they made the NRL ban punching, the era of Queensland rugby league domination is still well and truly alive”

“So a random mid week evening in the off-season is as good as any night to get stuck into the bottle”

“It was as good as I thought” he says.

“Majestic. Silky. Firm but fluid”

“A lot like the style of football pioneered by our famous number 6”

“And like Darren Lockyer’s career, this rum is definitely worth losing your voice over”

Mal is of course referring to the 2004 incident where Queensland NRL star Darren Lockyer took a hit to the throat which caused damage to a small bone in his larynx. This resulted in a permanent husky-sounding voice, which could be corrected with surgery that Lockyer has so far declined to undergo.

The Darren Lockyer rum is purported to have this same affect on the voice-boxes of those who drink it.

Nicknamed ‘The Reverse Cough Syrup” his special Bundaberg release commemorated the career and retirement in 2011 of NRL and Queensland legend, Darren Lockyer. The rum, which sold out 37,200 bottles within a week, was aged 6 years to honour Lockyer’s famous number 6 jersey which was initially only intended for Queensland retail.

Over a decade later, one of these bottles goes for close to 200 bucks, and like any other Queensland rum, is best mixed with full strength Coca-Cola.

“I woke up with a chest full of gravel” says Mogg.

“I didn’t finish the whole thing, so I’d say my voice is only Ben Hunt level of raspiness. I’ll polish off the rest tonight and go full Lockyer”


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