A boat party on Lake Betoota has gone down an absolute treat, it can be confirmed today.

Taking place over the weekend, the moderately sized boat hosted ‘the party of a lifetime’ for those on board.

Providing for the good people at LJ Hooker Betoota Heights, the boat took a meandering journey from the Lake Betoota Yacht Club all the way to Point Quarry Cliffs and back.

During that voyage across Betoota’s most popular body of water, there was off course plenty of bubbly and beer flowing.

The combination of the beverages popping, the untouched prawns and oysters providing an expensive touch and the picturesque backdrop all laid the scene for the perfect Instagram canvas.

And it was that canvas that resulted in 91% of the boat party being spent documenting the lavish and expensive perks of said boat party.

“Yeah, it was great,” lied the DJ, hired to spin decks while people sporadically danced in front of him for the phone cameras.

“Having to pretend like I’m DJing Tomorrowland every time some leasing agent shoves a phone in my face is awesome,” he said.

“But, hey it’s real estate agent money on a boat, I can’t really complain can I.”

It’s unknown exactly what the remaining 9% of the boat party entailed, but reportedly including a few trips down below deck, as well as a discussion about jumping into the water that was eventually torpedoed.

More to come.


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