In a bid to maintain their pre-cost living crisis lifestyle, a local yuppie has been spotted engaging in covert operations, discreetly using a Buy Now/Pay Later app to fund their $7 coffee.

Josh Weldon (28), like many Australians, has felt the pinch with the ongoing cost of living crisis, but he isn’t going to let that get in the way of his morning rituals.

“Yeah lot’s of people say it might be financially irresponsible to use BNPL to buy my coffee, but honestly it’s a quality of life purchase, it’s worth it in my eyes,” Josh insisted.

While Josh assured the Advocate that buying a $7 dollar coffee with a loan isn’t a poor decision, he does say that there’s one thing that he finds annoying about the new found habit.

“Yeah so I do kind of have to hide the fact that I’m doing it, because I know most people don’t get it,” Josh admitted.

“I always make sure I’ve got no one behind me, brightness turned all the way down, all the normal precautions really.”

The Buy Now/Pay Later app, typically reserved for online shopping sprees and emergency purchases, has become an unlikely ally for those battling the pinch of escalating living costs. Josh, however, has taken the art of financial secrecy to new heights by using it to discreetly settle their café bills without compromising his social standing.

Along with using loans to make coffee purchases, Josh has also been known to use BNPL to purchase UberEats gift cards, in order to get his favourite takeaway before pay day. He sees nothing wrong with this behavior.

“Hey, it works for me. I’m just constantly in the pay back and re-borrow cycle, I’m really used to it by now to be honest.”


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