After enduring decades of ridicule from the Anglicans and Catholics, it seems the Hillsong Church might be a real religion after all.

This comes as the Hillsong senior pastor, and close friend of the Prime Minister, Brian Houston has been charged for allegedly concealing child sexual abuse by his father.

Brian Houston founded the evangelical megachurch in the early 1980s alongside his father Frank Houston. The senior Houston died in 2004 and face multiple allegations of pedophillia at the time of his death.

With three major cities in hard lock down due to a bungled vaccine roll-out and a lack of federal quarantine facilities, the news that Scotty From Marketing’s personal confidante has been charged with such heinous crimes is not a good look for the Morrison Government.

Brian Houston was officially charged today following a two-year investigation into allegations he had failed to report his father’s alleged abuse of a young male in the 1970s.

These revelations have seen the Hillsong Church ascend from ‘weirdo happy clapper religion’ to ‘full blown Christian institution’.

The alleged, Brian Houston, recently left the country to travel to Mexico with full permission from the Morrison Government. Kind of suspicious timing when you think about it.

However, while these charges spell even worse news for the embattled Prime Minister, the high ranking identities at Hillsong are believed to be secretly cheering that they can now be considered one of the big boys.


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