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Australia has gone bang-bang this afternoon, with a quickfire double gold medal run in Tokyo.

Following Tom Green and Jean van der Westhuyzen’s win in the blood pumping K2 1000-metre sprint, a young long-haired fella from the Goldie has taken our Gold Medal tally to 17.

This comes after it was confirmed that a young 18-year-old named Keegs is pretty fucking good at skateboarding.

That unsurprising news breaks after Keegan Palmer won gold in the Men’s Park Skateboarding comp.

The teenager from the Gold Coast got the win with some burly tricks and a huge 95.83 final run to seal the deal.

Goofy-footed Keegs was complemented by fellow Aussie Kieran Wooly who came in 5th in the inaugural Olympic Park event.

It’s alleged that young Keegs is also pretty handy out in the surf when he doesn’t have the brain bucket on.

However, its Monster Energy drink and shochu for the next little while as our newest Gold medalist prepares to celebrate in the Japanese capital.

More to come.


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