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A local man is currently re-living the glory days all over again. 

With the Games in Tokyo coming to its conclusion, Ryan Phillips says it’s been a good couple of weeks of reminiscing about the time when the world was at his feet. 

Inspired by the likes of Brandon Starc, Peter Bol, Rohan ‘The Flying Mullet Browning, the former regional level high school athlete, says watching the big boys spin round in the Shot Put was the cherry on top. 

“Geez that big yank Crouser can launch em,” he laughed.

“Wouldn’t mind a spin to be honest,” said the white collar desk jockey browsing online for a nice ball of metal. 

“Ohhhh look out, there’s a 16 pounder,” he murmured, firing his Afterpay account up after stumbling across the huge lump of lead online. 

“Not cheap are they,” continued the man whose days of being able to run, throw and jump are well behind him.

“But they’ve got a discus and a jav here too,” he said, now vividly re-living the time he nearly made the State Carnival in under 14s. 

“Time to shot PUT that one on the Pay,” laughed the man who lives the struggle of getting paid once a month. 

“Got all three missiles on the way,” Phillips said. 

“And I’ll pay for them – and my foolishly optimistic thoughts about my current physical state later,” he laughed. 

“Hate to think what could have been,” explained the former Shot Put prodigy who was once very highly touted – by his parents. 

“Hate to think,” he sighed, letting out a short utz as he mimicked launching the shot from his couch and finishing the conversation. 


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