Local Reclaim Australia member, Keith Horseman, says his main concerns about the rise of Islam in Australia come from his vague understanding of gender roles in the Middle East.

“I don’t want ’em here”

“Muslim women aren’t allowed to vote, mate”

Mr Horseman, 33, says he is very proud of his mostly undocumented caucasian ancestry and despite the fact that he has a number of Apprehended Violence Orders (AVOs) placed on him, he describes himself as an “all-round true blue Aussie”.

“Yeah, I had a few issues with me ex,”

“But I’d never make her wear something over her face,”

However, Horseman’s ex-fiancè Shawntay Tiranui says she would date a Muslim man any day of the week over her abusive ex.

“Keith is a yobbo with no respect for anyone, especially women. I’d much prefer a polite mussie for a boyfriend over him,”

Keith disagrees with his former partner, stating that, aside from the misogyny, we have a lot to worry about with Islam. He says a lot of it has to do with “the economy”.

“Mate, they get all the jobs! We need to look after our own first. Why should a hard working Muslim get to have a house over a homeless Aussie? They don’t even dress like us,”

When asked whether his irrational fear of Muslims comes from his inability to keep a job that Middle Eastern migrants are able to secure with ease, Horseman says it has nothing to do with work ethic.

“We are losing our jobs to these blokes because they can work massive hours without their missus wingeing about it,”



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