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Uber could be scrapped at any minute in Queensland, with the Katter Family set to learn if their bid to have the service banned through severe penalties for drivers will succeed, in turn saving the one cab driving job in Mount Isa – as well as the two others between Mt Isa and Betoota.

The Katters put through a private member’s bill which aims to have Uber drivers lose points each time they are caught driving for the service, with three fines equating to a loss of licence.

Speaking to media this morning, Robbie Katter (son of Bob, son of Bob senior) says that he will do whatever it takes to protect the three cab drivers in their family’s Queensland electoral district.

“Its not good enough,” said the former North Queensland Cowboys recruit-turned-politician

“The moment we get the NBN out here I can bet you that we’ll have blokes using this bloody Uber,”

“Which means Kel, Pete and Trev will be out of work. It’s disgusting and it’s unAustralian”

Robbie’s federal politician father, Bob Katter, the patriarch of the 2nd-biggest-Australian-political-party-named-after-someones-last-name, has also weighed in.

“First Howard took our guns, and now he wants to take our cabs!” shouted the career politician, who has previously proposed drilling tunnels in both ends of the country to create an ‘inland canal’ .

Federal Politician Bob Katter absolutely dominating his grandsons in a beach rugby league match
Federal Politician Bob Katter absolutely dominating his grandsons in a beach rugby league match

“Palaszczuk promised us… If we voted for her Brisbane lock-out laws, we would be able to save Kel, Pete and Trev’s jobs… She better come good!”

However, despite the Katter family’s hysteria, a Brisbane-based app-developer says most of the small town cab drivers in Mt Isa will be dead by the time the service makes its way up there.

“People don’t even drive Uber on the Sunshine Coast. It’s a capital city thing,” says Andrew Paterson, who specialises in online services like Uber.

“What are these cowboys fucking thinking?”

“There’s thousands of jobs on the chopping block in Brisbane and the Gold Coast purely because of these paranoid rednecks and the forty-five people in their electorate,”

A spokesperson from Uber declined to comment on the private member’s bill, however he did state that Uber is a long way off servicing Mount Isa.

Since our interview, Bob Katter has already posted us three copies of his political manifest “An Incredible Race Of People”.

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  1. In the Democratic Republic of Oz all the politicians are tail wagging dogs, with the exception of the Sovereign State of the Banana where the politicians are dog wagging tails.


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