20 April, 2016. 10:15


Female university students around Australia are pleading with their campus administrators and male peers to at least treat them equally while they are at uni, just so they can experience what equality feels like before entering the Australian workforce.

Local female university student, Sarah McGirlson (18) says that she knows the the rest of her life is going to be pretty much just six decades of gender stereotypes and thinly veiled workplace sexism, but would really appreciate it if people could just pretend she is equal until she leaves uni.

“Yeah look, its not too much to ask”

“All I’m asking is for the two guys that sit next to me in ethics to refer to be as ‘that chick from ethics with us’ as opposed to ‘white skirt with the big norcs’ – its just not really that inspiring,”

“Also, it’d be great if the boys colleges could stop singing songs about wishing that me and the other girls were waves in the ocean for them to ride,”

“It’s not even that clever, they aren’t even singing it to us,

“Its particually weird because the guy leading the chant has been asking for my study notes all week”

Depending on a female University student’s degree, the possibility of them experiencing sexism in the workplace is pretty huge when they leave campus, thats according to a recent Nielsen ratings survey.

The respondents, who ranged between the ages of 21-65, were all female in different professional positions around Australia.

90% of the respondents claim to have a male employer encourage her to ‘give it away and pop out some little fellas’ – While another startling 40% claim that they are too scared to eat sandwiches in the workplace for fear of a male coworker making a ‘sandwich joke’.

30% of legal practicioners had experienced some sort of Reese Witherspoon related comparison throughout the course of their career.

65% of female police officers had been asked if they were lesbians, and 20% of nurses had been winked at and told to put on ‘the other nurse outfit’.




  1. Equality is a mirage. That applies to everyone, male or female.
    As for the sexism, it is far too ingrained to respond appeals of decency.

    It is the structure of our society that produces these outcomes and nobody wants to change the structure.


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