A white collar worker who has noticed that his arms are a bit firmer than usual has today begun day-dreaming about physical confrontations, again.

Just a fortnight into his most recent health kick, David Hyles (31) is remembering back to the time he punched someone in a rugby match when he was 16.

“I just, like I would never want to go to prison” he says.

“But it would be cool to know how I would handle myself if I was in there”

“Like I’m pretty good at resolving things with words – but sometimes, as a man, you know, you aren’t left with any other option”

Despite having not raised his voice at anyone except his wife in over ten years, David says after a few sessions on the boxing bag this week, he’s realised that hand to hand combat is more of an instinct for blokes like him.

“Like it’s been a while since I’ve gotten into a real punch on. But, I’m pretty confident in how I’d go”

“Prison is a bit different apparently, but I’d probably be one of the fitter blokes in the yard, if I keep this stuff up”

“I don’t know. I don’t think it’d be too bad in there. You know I’d try to keep to myself but sometimes you’ve gotta do what you gotta do”


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