Ahead of his upcoming national tour in September, iconic singer-songwriter Dan Sultan has today revealed a ‘secret track’ on his new studio album, Killer.

In the field of recorded music, a hidden track is a piece of music that has been placed on a CD, audio cassette, LP record or other recorded medium in such a way as to avoid detection by the casual listener. In some cases, the piece of music may simply have been left off the track listing, while in other cases more elaborate methods are used.

Sultan has stated that after four albums focusing on his life and family in both central Australia and Melbourne’s inner suburbs – he now feels it is time to pay tribute to the part of the country where he spent his most formative teenage years. Deep North Queensland.

“From fifteen to seventeen, I spent my life in the Deep North. It’s a beautiful part of the world” he said.

“I wanted to pay tribute to the people up there by giving them something uniquely North Queensland”

The song is titled ‘bleats of the GOAT’ and features a backing track of giggles from North Queensland Cowboys captain and future rugby league immortal, Johnathan Thurston, in his first ever musical collaboration.

Sultan says he kept the song hidden on his album so as to not confuse or distress his AFL-centric following down south but is confident that true North Queenslanders will be able to find the song without any problems.

The nation’s remaining music journalists say that they haven’t ever seen a genre of music that can utilise a looped backing track of a rugby league player laughing – but many feel it could quite easily become an anthem for the tip of the Q.

“I think Dan is onto something here,” said some old guy from Rolling Stone Australia who doesn’t know how to use social media.

“I think Dairy Farmers have their new club song”

Thurston says he is honored to feature on an album with Dan Sultan and looks forward to more musical endeavors in the recording industry.




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