In a stunning report that has shattered the assumptions of absolutely no one, experts have confirmed that the presence of a carefully adorned Christmas tree in an inner city share house is a telltale sign that at least one girl resides among the otherwise clueless male occupants.

Witnesses report that the Christmas tree, adorned with an array of tasteful ornaments and some cheeky inside jokes, emerged mysteriously in the common area of the share house, leaving the male inhabitants both impressed and utterly confused when noticing it after being there for 3 days.

“To be honest, I’ve been so hungover every morning now that i’m off work that I didn’t even notice it.” Said Jarvis (26), one of the house mates.

“I mean is there really much point? we aren’t having Christmas here.”

Despite extreme levels of ambivalence to the tree, Sophie, resident girl of the house, stands firm in her mission to create a bit of Christmas spirit in the share house.

“I don’t get why the boys are so hesitant on getting around the tree, it’s cute!” Sophie said.

Sophie admits she had a hard time convincing the boys to get into Halloween and handing out lollies to local kids, so she says the ambivalence is welcome compared to straight up rejection.

“I’m not handing out lollies to children, that’s weird as f*ck, I’m a 27 year old single dude. Why would I do that?.” Said James, another male of the household.

As the Christmas tree saga unfolds, the share house is left to ponder whether this festive incursion will lead to lasting changes or if, come January, the living room will revert to its natural state of empty beer cans and uber eats bags.


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