A European guy, Stefan Müller (26), who recently arrived in Australia on a working holiday visa, is boldly declaring that “winter Christmas is way better” despite having no firsthand experience with the joys of a summery festive season.

Stefan, hailing from a region where snow, hot dinners and coziness are  all synonymous with Christmas, appears blissfully ignorant of the sun-soaked, barbecued reality that defines Christmas in Australia.

“I just can’t understand how you Aussies enjoy Christmas on the beach. Where’s the snow, the cozy fireplaces, and the need for multiple layers of clothing?” Stefan pondered, seemingly oblivious to the fact that Australians  love the fact that Christmas in Australia is filled with playing by the pool, long summer holidays and cold hard beers.

“He keeps going on about ‘proper Christmas weather.’ I don’t have the heart to tell him that summer Christmas is literally the best thing in the world and I would hate for it to be cold right now” remarked Nina Davids, a friend of Stefan.

Whether Stefan’s sentimentality for a white Christmas will decrease in the Australian summer remains to be seen. For now, friends are gearing up to introduce him to the joys of a Christmas where thongs are the preferred footwear, and the only snow in sight is likely to be sand shaken off a beach towel.


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