Did you know there is an inverse relationship between those who think they’re a genius and those who actually are one? 

That’s right. Statistics show that the smarter a person is, the more riddled with self-doubt they are, and so think themselves stupid. Contrarily, complete numbskulls are brimming with unquestioned self-belief in their own genius.

This is perhaps why making big financial decisions based on gut instinct is the best way to lose money because most people are irredeemably stupid.

Following your gut instinct is not as fruitful as employing rational, logical and considered decision-making when it comes to how you use your money.

Gut instinct usually demands that you gratify yourself instantaneously by spending a dollar as soon as you get it. Your gut never pulls you aside and says, ‘hey matey, maybe you should just stop and think for a while. Think about your future kids. Think about tomorrow’. 

Your gut isn’t that reasonable. It’s more of an adventure loving type of organ. It’s your gut that rumbles when you see that brand new shiny jet-ski for sale, reduced by 25% to only $12,850. Your gut tells you that it would be radical to the max if you had a jet-ski. Instinctually, you know that you could afford it if you put it on credit card and got out on the water today while it’s still sunny.

That’s not a good investment decision. That’s your arsehole gut forcing your brain into a stupid financial mistake based on instinct and its latent desire for adventure.

Fuck jet-skis. Don’t do it.

You’re better off delaying instant gratification and taking time to contemplate your next big financial move. Such action might lead you to conclude that it’s better to invest that money into your kids’ educational future. Or you may choose to pay down your spiralling debts. 

I know these are all boring things to do with money compared to listening to your water sport loving gut and buying that jet-ski. But it’s the boring and considered decisions that take you from having zero dollars to a million dollars in not that long a time at all. Then you can buy your gut all the jet-skis it could ever dream of.

For big financial decisions, listen to your gut but rarely act on it.


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