Gen Z’s obsession with early 2000s fashion has left many millennials wondering why…

With many asking themselves if the history of micro minis, ruffled dresses and velour tracksuits has always been doomed to repeat it self. As those who fail to learn from history, end up thinking it’s socially executable to wear jeans under dresses.

Low-rise jeans and crop tops aside, it seems today’s youth commitment to the Y2K aesthetic is missing the true authentic staples that made up that era.

If Gen Z truly want to re-create the 2000s vibes, then they’ll need to commit to rocking a borderline culturally inappropriate Le Tan in Le Can spray tan, going out with layers of unblended Dream Matte Mousse foundation and suffer through the horrors of in-grown hairs post a Veet hair removal session.

“That is the true authentic vibe of that era”, one millennial commented on the above.

“Where’s are the Tramp stamps and belly button rings?” she continued. “and don’t even get us started on the at-home hair dye disasters.”

While Gen Z’s nostalgia for the early 2000s is palpable, perhaps a little more historical accuracy wouldn’t hurt.

More to come.


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