Local woman, Sophie Hughes, found herself in a gripping indecisive battle with herself at the nail salon yesterday, suffering from what experts have described as a severe case of “Decision Fatigue.”

Upon sitting in the Pedicure chair at her local Vietnamese salon, Sophie was immediately overwhelmed when she was told to “pick a colour” by the nail technician and handed the kaleidoscope of nail colours to choose from.

“I just wanted a classic red, but the choices were endless. Who knew there were over 50 unique shades of maroon” Sophie told Betoota, visibly distressed as she contemplated the array of nail polish options.

Eyewitnesses reported that Sophie spent a solid 15 minutes trying to decided between ‘Candy Apple’ or ‘Big Apple’ red, as though her life depended on this critical decision.

Eventually, in an act of desperation, Sophie threw a spanner in the works by choosing a completely random colour she wasn’t entirely sold on but selected due to sheer mental exhaustion.

She regretted this decision shortly after.

More to come.


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