Despite the jolly ambiance of last Friday’s annual Christmas celebration, Tim Harris, a reserved 23-year-old office worker, found himself in a
daunting predicament.

During a lighthearted game of ‘Put A Finger Down,’ Tim inadvertently disclosed his occasional expeditions into a less-than-conventional pastime — sending ripples of shock through the office Xmas party.

Tim, known for his shy nature, unleashed an inadvertent confession that he sometimes casually dabbles in the joys of taking it up the ass.

Witnesses reported the room’s atmosphere took a swift nosedive, Tim frantically attempted to downplay his unintended revelation with a “haha just kidding,” while frantically sipping his seltzer.

Experts believe Tim’s plight represents a growing workplace hazard: oversharing.

Tim’s advice? “Next year, it’s best to skip the Christmas party all together”

More to come.


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