A local townie is down at the dam doing townie shit, confirms a recent spike of water skiing related content on his social media channels.

According to Betoota’s official dictionary, Betootaism, the term townie is described as follows:

Informal. : a resident of a town. especially a permanent inhabitant of a rural town who does not farm his or her own land, and lives a life seperate to self-employed agricultural operators such as farmers or graziers.

Bailey Perham (26) is one of those blokes.

He’s great at jumping fences, and his fashion sense is a mix of CMC Country and late 1990s West Coast gangster rap.

He also one of those blokes that gets confused when he hears people talking about Falls Creek or Thredbo, because there’s only one type of skiing in his eyes.

It’s the type that involves a really fast boat and a life jacket.

And it seems the local panel-beater has already knocked off for the year, because he’s temporarily stopped posting memes that make fun of the Parramatta Eels fans and is instead focusing on posting as many photos of him and his kids down at the dam as his wet fingers will allow.

While Bailey usually prefers more townie-friendly social media apps like Snapchat and TikTok, it appears that the water down at the Betoota dam is so still that he’s gone and fired up the Facebook and Instagram accounts.

“at the dam with the kids” is the title of his most recent 45-image online photo album, with comments left individual photos describing how it was like glass out there today.

He will be doing nothing but this until mid-January.


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