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A number of leading airlines, except for Qantas, have asked their passengers to wear as little as possible today to help ease the congestion at the security checkpoints.

Airports around the country, including Remienko Memorial Aerodrome in South Betoota,  have been put on high alert as an alleged terror plot was uncovered by federal and state law enforcement agencies in Sydney over the week, which has resulted in great delays at airports.

However, passengers have remained understanding.

“I should’ve just paid the extra to fly with Qantas,” said one low-cost carrier passenger flying out of Betoota this morning.

“That way I could fly with a bit of dignity, instead of having to turn up here at the airport with my clothes and shoes in my hands like some refugee,”

“But I’m not concerned. Safety should be paramount when flying.”

Local Qantas passengers of the other hand have been largely unaffected by the step-up in security, as the flying kangaroo’s Betoota terminal is still rather empty – save for the hi-vis contingent from the fly-in-fly-out community.

A spokesman from Qantas’ Betoota hub explained to The Advocate that they’ve asked their passengers not to turn up in their underwear because they’re not about that life.

“That’s why we founded Jetstar,” he said.

“So in instances of trickle down misery like we’re seeing at the moment in the airline industry, we can separate the wheat from the chaff. The wheat doesn’t deserve to mix with the chaff at 33000 feet,”

“Fly with us if security and safety is your top priority, but you don’t want to see it.”

More to come.


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