23 March, 2016. 11:34

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IN RESPONSE TO THE RECENT terrorist bombings in Brussels, Waleed Aly has announced his intention to deliver his opening monologue tonight on The Project through a Belgian flag filter.

The 37-year-old television personality is often the voice of reason when terror takes hold around the world. His impartiality and careful explanation of all the facts in situations like this has made him the media presenter that Australians look to for answers.

As the content of tonight’s programme is very serious and may contain graphic images, comic relief anchor Peter Helliar has been given the night off.

In addition to cruise missiles, black op teams and laser-guided bombs, another highly-effective tool in fighting the perpetrators or world terror is to place the flag of a country, which has recently been affected by terrorism, over your display picture in a showing of solidarity.

Studies have shown that flag filters are crippling evil terrorist networks from the sub-Saharan desert to the wettest Myanmar rainforest.

Speaking today on breakfast radio, the part-time guitarist said he’s looking forward to making a difference tonight.

“This is the first time I’ve delivered a monologue through a flag filter,” he said.

“Hopefully, people will be left asking themselves the hard questions about what they can do to help in the fight against terrorism. It starts with a flag filter.”

Hitting back at the controversial flag filter inclusion, one prominent journalist, who’s asked to remain anonymous, said that when he put a Turkish flag filter over his profile picture after the March 19 bombings in Istanbul, he only got three likes – leaving him with more questions than answers.

“How are we supposed to defeat terrorism when only a handful of us keep up to date with our flag filters?” he said.

“Now that Waleed is setting the example, we will triumph over terror. One day.”


  1. Those flags are only used for white countries. For people in our military alliance. Look, we have been at war with ISIS since they declared independence on the US territory of Iraq. Like many other countries they’ll have to fight for the survival of their young country. Of cause we Aussies are there bombing and killing with the US. There is nothing wrong and immoral with that they tell me. Yes, of cause we have our own problems with violence. While calling them savages most of you would agree its a good idea to slaughtering every one of them. And never negotiate lol. Not Peace lol. The Sunnis use to run Iraq with Saddam. The US comes in tips over the country so the majority are Shia are in Charge. Those 20% Sunnis were in big BLOODY trouble. If your white you cant imagine being oppression here, let alone in Iraq after a US invasion. It didn’t take long to see a Sunni uprising. Should these people have the right to fight for their own state? Well, they do now. They had to. The whole US invasion was based on BS, or Oil & Bases, world domination. Putting Iraq in Iran’s sphere of influence created another chain reaction. That’s why Israel, the Saudis, and the Turkeys support ISIS. Because they hate Iran. This whole thing is a mess, and we did it. If you don’t have time to look into any of these things just REJECT THE WARS outright! Its simpler that way. 99% wars are fought by imperialist. The other 1% are freedom fighters. Fighting for Independence, That’s who you think your arch enemy is.

  2. Waleed Aly, you are a disgrace to this country that has given you so much.
    Sharia law will NEVER take place on Australian soil…dont like it?
    Go home under whatever rock you crawled out from!

  3. All well and good Jason b except that despite not having w m d Saddam still broke a treaty he signed after the first gulf war you know saying he would allow weapons inspectors in after he had invaded Kuwait……. Furthermore he persecuted people in Iraq such as gassing Kurds. I am no supporter of the USA but they get blamed on many occasions for things not their fault. Isis are not defending land they are trying to expand to a larger area and commit terrible crimes against humanity in those areas so need to be stopped. Your attitude is the same as the people in the 1930s who allowed Hitler to thrive so long ignoring terrible crimes and accepting bs about expanding into what was already German land. By not stopping the nazi regime earlier they rise in power do you believe we should do the same with Isis who are just as evil because I do not

  4. This article totally misses the point. TV is about trivialisation, it has nothing to do with facts or humanity. Ah, we all love large doses of sentimentality and the sicklier the better.
    And “our thoughts and prayers”…….( Had to have a break at this point while I rushed to my outdoor dunny and vomited: make myself sick I do)..go out for all the ( white) victims of this atrocity.

  5. Jason B you’re comment is hogwash. ISIS are not freedom fighters. If they were they wouldn’t execute gays, subjugate women and minorities and take sex slaves.

    The war in Iraq was a calamity, but it’s pure sophistry to call it “Imperialism” when the US was asked to leave by the Democratic process they set up there… and then they did.

    Many local sunnis indeed are siding with ISIS in order to be protected from Shia domination, but ISIS itself is not driven by a sunni nationalist agenda, rather by its own totalitarian, murderous ideology.

  6. To all i guess. I’ve got the details for that (Iraq). Saddam was an enemy for only 1 (real) reason. What your mentioning is the propaganda. Emotional reasons for the public to invade. Empires don’t care about bodies! They don’t think like that. Its a game of world domination, and we’re all the pawns. The US gave chemical weapons to Iraq to use on Iran. Who had just overthrew the US backed dictator. And remember those hostages? Well it didn’t really happen that way. The US backed dictator ran away to the US embassy. Iran stormed the embassy to hold those responsible for the previous terror (The US dictators and agents in the embassy) Iran was also worried that the US would try another coup from the embassy, which they actually did try but failed. But that’s a different story. The US armed Iraq to invade Iran. It didn’t go well, Iraq was poor after that. Maybe weakening the Middle East was a US objective, hint. Iraq could make it up by trying to reunited Iraq with Kuwait. For those who don’t understand colonialism when they leave an area, such as the Middle East, they draw the boarders to limit their future power. This is just normal strategy & technique. They do not want huge places united and powerful. So Kuwait was put there to stops Iraq’s access to the sea. And guess who was there? That’s right, like a dozen US bases. So when Iraq invaded Kuwait they were attacking a US territory. Saddam destroyed the chemical weapons himself after the gulf war. As for the Kurd’s. Why would Saddam do that? You should ask yourself these questions, but he gassed the Kurd’s after a failed assassination attempt. Who funded the Kurds assassination attempt? yeah.. In the end Iraq was invaded for Oil. WOW. Also another objective is the bases they put in captured territories. As long as they are on a country they will never be fully independent. You should check the US bases circling the globe. Then check China’s bases. China is also called an enemy too but look at that map and it should make it clear. They have zero overseas military bases if your too lazy to search. This is a game of world domination. A New World Order. Compare these stories to what you’ve been told. Beating the Nazis didn’t save us. Don’t get me started on that. All we need to do is make sure we are not the killers. But there will always be rebels. Like Vietnam. and Cuba, and N Korea, Iran, etc. The countries that refused to accept US base, and US dominance. I think we’ll see more independent struggles, including our own. Japans ready for America to leave. But they might literally have a war for to get them off. They could rip up the Pacifist Constitution written by the US. Another rebel is Yemen. They were in the Gulf Alliance. They refused to bomb other Arabs, had a revolution and overthrew the Saudi backed regime. We westerners bomb them now, as well as Israel, and the Gulf States. They are now in Iran’s sphere of influence. Those enemies of Iran freely bomb Yemen. Did you know we (Australia) use to do weekly bombing reports. They weren’t coming off well, so they stopped the reports. The bombing continues and its every day life. Anyone that knows whats going on looks at the emotional propaganda and feels sick. Because the people watching are hearing the propaganda plea for more war and bombings. If they only Knew the MILLIONS we Westerners kill.
    You want terrorists. Why don’t we bomb Saudi Arabia. For all the reasons you mentioned. All those policed come straight from Saudi Arabia. But they are our Allies. The details don’t actually matter. Its only used in propaganda. They want you to give your support for an invasion. And if you not careful they wouldn’t mind taking away a few civil liberties, if they can scare you enough. Continuous small pushes to Fascism.

    ISIS have a legitimate claim for independence. That’s basically it. They cannot go back to being oppressed in Iraq. The oppressing they saw created the animals they are. Try to imagine that. It cannot go back. Look the whole World is bombing them. We want them to die. What do you think they are going to do? What would you do for your country. What would you do if it was your friends and family that was killed? Which ones are terrorists? Its both. But we said they same things about the IRA, NVA, VC, Mandela, Gandhi, Castro, Chavez, and a million more. This has all been done before. Don’t be a fool. Our government officials know exactly what they are doing. This whole thing is planned from the top of the pyramid.

  7. Jason B, give or take a few points, you are right.
    We have a governments that are hard to be proud of. Australia follows along after the US but the US is in decline. It will not happen overnight but, just as the Romans discovered, power is not forever and the US will be relegated to history.

    Where will that leave Australia? It will leave us as a country that could have been something but because of the politicians we produce we will be a South Pacific backwater.

  8. With everything weighed out its better to be free. The way imperialist work is we sell all this stuff, the land, the water, electricity, poles, and so much stuff, even the prison system. Than they rent it back to us. Its a recipe for disaster. It doesn’t make us rich, it makes us poor. Even if it ended up with economic sanctions like the other independents i mentioned, its still better for us to have independence. The day will come, loyalist vs Nationalist. When you hear people talk the majority of Australians are loyal to places very far away. Places like the US or UK. Even without a civil war, or a war of independence. They must not have thought about it. Loyalty should be to Australia, and decisions made in Australians National interest. Kill people and countries is an easy thing to say no to. Many European countries said no.

  9. Holy crap batman I think we’ve been invaded by serial ABC news trolls.

    The whole point of the article was to celebrate the power of flag filters. If you want to whine and bitch at each other over semantics go to


    and stop sullying the fine work of this esteemed publication,… dickheads.


  10. I agree.All you ABC forum losers should shut up and piss off back to The Drum website or go read Annabel Crabb’s latest Tweet about cake mixture ingredients ‘with a dash of political intrigue’.


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