As the planet teeters on the edge of WW3, or at the very least another 20 year war in the Middle East that causes more problems than it ever meant to solve, it seems our leaders are having to put the cost-of-living crisis on pause.

Australian Prime Minister Anthony Albanese, the once founder of the federal Parliamentary Friends of Palestine, is this week letting the world know that he is more interested in being Friends of America.

This comes as President Joe Biden welcomes Albanese to the White House for a private dinner with their partners, in a rare personal discussion before a day of formal meetings.

Biden and his wife, Jill, met Albanese and his partner Jodie Haydon, at the south entrance of the White House after the prime minister’s motorcade arrived straight from the airport.

It is believed that the dinner party was a cracker, with the men speaking over the women about a whole range of different topics. Specifically, the increased costs of the $368 billion nuclear submarines the US forced us to buy from them, as well as an in-depth discussion about the noticeable lack of black guys playing in the Australian Football League.

There was also about ten to fifteen minutes dedicated to discussing how Australia will also have to support whatever America plans to do next in the Middle East, which could easily result in the deaths of over a million innocent people, judging on what happened last time we blindly followed them into war.

As dinner wrapped up, President Biden asked the Australian Prime Minister if he was a fan of comedy – before pulling up a YouTube video of the Caesar’s Hour skit show from 1954 on the White House TV.

“This young fella is my favourite” said Biden, as the black and white video played highlights Sid Caesar’s post-war variety show.

“It might be the best comedy in the world”

Anthony Albanese, having bitten his tongue in the face of America’s imperialist sense of world supremacy all night, was unable to keep up the act. He takes control of the TV controller.

“You want comedy?” says Albanese.

“Let me introduce you to a couple blokes named Fatty and Sterlo”

“But wait you’ve got to watch til the end. Right up until the milk”


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