A former troublemaker who once delighted in gluing coins to the ground and watching people embarrass themselves as they attempted to pick them up is now making his mark on the real estate market.

Jayden Towney (36) has been in the real estate game for over 3 years and has found that his passion for trickery has been the driving force in his pivot towards the profession.

“I just love the art of tricking people, it runs in my blood, I’ve been making people’s lives hard for no reason for as long as I can remember”. Jayden confessed while slapping a ‘sold’ sticker on a home in the Flight Path district.

It seems Jayden has defied the odds, and to his family, friends and former teachers surprise, has found a well paying job.

The advocate was able to track down one of Jaydens former teachers to get a comment on his new found success.

“It’s a huge shock, he was the type of kid to lay thumbtack traps on the playground, he was feared by all to be quite honest.” Said Deborah Payne (71), former teacher at Betoota Primary.

Jayden firmly believes that his success should be a shock to no one as he showed signs of being a great real estate agent from a very young age.

“You see, this real estate game isn’t that different to my old pranking days.” He said.

“Instead of convincing my teacher that a loved one died just to get some free sympathy for the day, now I just have to convince young couples that the damage on the house adds charm.”

“Most of them don’t really have much of a choice in this market so It’s the perfect position to be in if you enjoy tricking people.”


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