A break-up worthy argument between a disgruntled couple dining out came to an abrupt halt after a cheerful waitress began her exuberant recitation of the daily specials.

The arguing pair, Luca Hudson (32) and Sarah Kidis (29), had been embroiled in a heated disagreement over Luca’s insistence on him going out with the boys after their dinner,  when their bundle of joy waitress approached their table. Their exchange had escalated to a near-screaming battle until both of them jumped in shock as a rogue arm appeared out of nowhere pouring water into their cups.

As their waitress began to list out the specials for the day, the pair were seen smiling politely at the waitress like they weren’t at each other’s necks only moments earlier.

The couple were then seen going straight back at it once their waiter had left, one witness at the scene says the whole ordeal was pretty intense. 

“Yeah, I saw it, they think no one was noticing, but I saw it.” Said one restaurant goer, Maddie Campari (29).

“The girl was almost shaking, she was that angry, she was even gripping her glass like she was about to throw it.”

“ I wish she did.” 

The Advocate was able to contact the waitress on shift that day to understand if she knows what she was involved in.

“Yeah I know what I’m doing, whenever I see a couple arguing I really love to creep up on them to see if I can get any goss, this job gets so boring.” Said waitress, Lucy Wilde (24).

“I love seeing their whole vibe switch up when they realise I might have heard what they were talking about, it’s one of the few joys of this minimum wage job.”

It’s still unsure whether this hobby of interrupting couples that Lucy has is widespread amongst the entire Australian hospitality world, or just a fun little game Lucy has to get through the 13 hour shifts.


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