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A local boy who was heard laughing at something this afternoon while home sick from school is no longer sick, according to the boy’s father.

Derek Johnson, the proprietor of a local autospares distributor, had to take the day off work because his 7-year-old, Clark, supposedly woke up feeling sick.

The 47-year-old said he hates parents who selfishly send their kids to school sick so he phoned the front desk and asked the office manager to direct calls to his mobile because he wouldn’t be coming in to.

As the clock struck midday, Derek brought Clark some lunch and remarked that he didn’t look very good. He told The Advocate that a tiny bit of himself was worried it could’ve been something more serious.

“He looked quite pale but he ate his lunch so he couldn’t have been that sick,” he told our reporter.

“But, you know, sending kids to school when they’re sick just makes things worse for everyone. My wife’s job isn’t as flexible as mine so yeah, she went off to work and I stayed home.”

Derek said he was on call when he heard a giggle, then a belly laugh coming from down the hall.

“He was laughing,” said Derek.

“He’s fucking played me and his mother like a fatman’s clarinet. Unbelievable. I knew he wasn’t sick.”

“As I opened the door, he looked up at me and knew he’d been pinged. I asked him what was so funny, besides tricking his Dad into pissing a day up the wall and Clark just frowned and forced himself to cough. ‘Daddy, I am sick!’ he said. If your sick then I’m fucking Glenn McGrath mate,”

“He’s just like his mother.”

More to come.


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