The internet has today claimed another victory, after managing to create the greatest rumour of all time.

Some 20 years after Marilyn Manson’s supposed operation to remove a couple of ribs so he could suck his own dick captivated the English speaking world, we have now been blessed with the Amsterdam Stag Do saga.

Generated by an English woman’s voice message to her friend, the Stag Do story has captivated the hearts and minds of those who spend too much time on social media and the internet in general.

A quick Google or Twitter search will allow you to hear the voice notes for yourself, but for those who couldn’t be bothered, the rumour is as follows.

It is alleged that a Stag and Hen do for both sides of the same wedding all set off from the UK to Amsterdam.

During one of the days of separation, it’s alleged that one of the women got quite drunk and decided to visit a venue where they have glory holes.

It’s alleged that at this venue there is an option to hit a button which will allow you to see who is on the other side after complete some fellatio.

It’s then alleged that given the quality of the interaction the screen was lifted, only to reveal the father of the young woman on the other side of the wall.

Obviously given the nature of the story, it has since gone viral across social media and the world wide web, becoming the greatest yarn since Marilyn’s rib procedure.

While it’s yet to be confirmed that it is complete bullshit, it’s expected the rumour will eventually be recognised as the greatest urban myth of all time – until a famous politician has sex with a robot or some shit in 20 years time.





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