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A woman flying from Brisbane to Melbourne was seen panicking as she checked her handbag this afternoon, mere moments before it was her turn to enter the security check area. 

Rifling through multiple zip pockets as the line forged on, the young woman may have been able to get away with the whole process looking innocent if she hadn’t painstakingly inspected each of her keys and her credit cards too – including holding one of her bigger house keys up to the light to see it better.

Onlookers at the scene say the girl was forced to halt her search when she got to the front of the line, where she could be visibly holding her breath in panic as she’d placed her handbag into one of the trays.

Speaking to a man who’d been standing behind her at the time, The Advocate learns that the woman luckily did not find any weekend paraphernalia in her pockets.

“I know a charlie check when I see one”, said the bloke, who appeared to be either a very weathered 30 year old or in his late 30s, “I remember those days.”

More to come.


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