The Sunday night happy hour at the Lord Kidman Hotel was wasted on a prominent Southern expat last night, as he insisted on remaining culturally Victorian and making the bartender bend over to get the old pint glasses out.

Across Queensland and New South Wales, the pint glass is only really popular with Victorians and other Southerners, except for St Paddy’s day, when the entire country feels the need to drink 570 millilitres of vegemite flavoured Irish brew.

However, even after nearly 18 months in town, the ‘New Queenslander’ known as Fitzy still refuses to drink schooners – even when given an leg into a shout between some new mates.

“Nah mate. I drink pints” he says, subconsciously baiting the disgusting convict descendants he is sitting opposite.

“I’m Victorian, remember”

The pint-sized loyalty shown by former Victorians and AFL fans is often ridiculed throughout the Nor’east, as it is acknowledged by all in the hotter climates that schooners are the ‘goldilocks porridge’ of beer sizes, Fitzy however, remains strong in his endeavour to drink warm beer.

“Leave me out of this one. I’m gonna go ahead and pay seven extra dollars per unit at my own lengthy pace”

With the news that Betoota Bitter is now available in every single Australian state and territory via the nationwide Cellarbrations bottle shop franchise, Western Queenslanders are now relieved to know their beloved export is being predominantly consumed in the universal tinnie measurement.

To find your closest Betoota Bitter trafficker, go here:


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