The shell of Olivia Anderson (22) is trying her hardest to appear as though she is a functioning human this morning.

Anderson’s weekend was hedonistic, like many other young millennials these days, and her body is paying the price on the first day of the working week.

After discovering an empty kitchen, the part-time Engineering student thought she saw an opportunity to try and steady the ship.

Ducking away from the desk, and 48-year-old colleague at the front of the Dentistry, young Anderson decided it was time for a triple drop.

Plunking the 3 Berocca’s  (tablets associated with maintenance and recovery of bodily function, as well as alleviating the symptoms of comedowns/hangovers) into a cup of water she hunched over a little and thought maybe it was time to rein back in on the big weekends.

However, shortly after beginning her internal monologue, one of the dentists waltzed into the kitchen, high on the back of a weekend kayaking trip down on the Sunshine Coast.

“Big weekend aye Liv,” laughed Will Harrison a 30 something French Quarter residents who lives for the outdoors on weekends.

“Yeah not bad Will, just lots of study. Was up pretty late doing assignments you know. They are really hammering us early,” explained Anderson, in a vague attempt to mask the fact that she polished off the dentist’s monthly consumption of alcohol in an afternoon session with friends yesterday.

“How was your weekend anyway?” she politely asked, fully aware that her, what felt like a haemorrhaging brain, was about to be treated to a rundown of her older colleague’s active and “bloody awesome” trip in the great outdoors for a few minutes.


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