After round one of the 2018 NRL season, one thing that is not lacking is on-field excitement.

Golden point wins, big hits and interceptions were littered all throughout the exhilarating weekend that was. However, it has become painfully clear that, in an effort to remain fluid between transfers, many of the young men are lacking style and character.

In a desperate effort to keep expanding the game beyond the back pages and occasional scandalous front page, the NRL is today encouraging their players to try and model themselves off former Broncos wingers, turned Origin wingers, turned Waratahs wingers, turned Wallabies wingers: Lote and Big Dell.

The iconic Queensland boys that took both codes of rugby by storm in the late 90s to early 2010s with their elite fashion sense, rivalled only by their footballing panache.

Listed as both number 3 and number 5 in Betoota Advocate’s iconic list of top 100 Hottest Queenslanders of all time, Dell and Lote are now considered pioneers of the rugby league’s transition into the social pages.

It is believed after Thursday night’s shock loss to St George, Broncos coach Wayne Bennett has directed his players to begin researching the life and times of Big Dell and Lote.

“They were never show ponies, but God they new how to dress” said Bennett.

“I used to encourage the fashionista lifestyle among these fellas back in the day. It really helped our style of football”

“The Wallabies benefitted from it, so did every other club that got a taste of these fellas, but nothing will beat the super league war when everyone playing for us was wearing Vuitton and driving Porsches”


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